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John Scavnicky & Deni Ziganti

Partners in business. Partners in life.

Everyone asks, “How do you guys work together, AND live
together, without killing each other?”

The answer is easy. It’s called chemistry.

We first met in a working environment and got along beautifully.
Still do today. He’s concept, I’m design.
He’s writing, I’m illustration.
He’s a Photoshop wizard, I’m a typography nut.
And while he does the cooking, I do the kerning.
Plus it doesn’t hurt that John has done his fair share of
commercials and corporate videos.


It has just always worked.


Dezindz is a concept-driven boutique agency that strives to
produce intelligent, conceptual and distinctive communications
that will make your customers think and become involved,
getting them to reach for their wallet, click their mouse, swipe their card... or make the call. Whatever it takes to increase sales. And we mean whatever. Print, Digital, TV, Video, Web, Packaging Design, Collateral, Catalogues, Logos...whole branding campaigns, you name it.


And, we don’t do Windows. We are strictly Mac people.

We love our jobs, we love our work and we love who we work for. We think it shows.  You can click through all the award winners here on our web site, or go to our individual portfolios:

Then contact us for your next project. Operators are standing by!


Deni - 330.321.3556     John - 330.321.8543

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